The Charon Sheet



If you play LARP with the Mind's Eye Society (formerly the Camarilla and the Midnight Dance), you may be frustrated with character sheet management. You might have to maintain an Excel spreadsheet that doesn't work well in OpenOffice or Google Docs. You might have rolled your own sheet. You might be using pen and paper.

I want to offer an alternative: store your character sheets online. We know the rules of the systems and how much Merits and Manifestations and Skills cost. We know what a character sheet should look like. We know the calculations that you make in your head, because we do them ourselves.

The first full system available will be Geist, because that's what we play, and it's one with the most limited character sheet options.


The main Geist sheet is in active development right now, and it's a blast to develop, but it's taken a while

In the interim, we've created a simple character sheet for building Ghosts that can be used as NPCs or in feeding scenes.

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How Can I Help?

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