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d20 3.5 SRD Spell Lists


Still playing D&D 3.5? So am I, and that's no knock at all on newer systems.

Kicker is, though, who really enjoys riffling through multiple sourcebooks at the table to organize their caster's daily prepped spells? Or, once you've picked your set, why have to flip back through the books in the middle of combat to remember the gists of spells?

Instead, use the d20 3.5 SRD Spell Lists app I've created. It's a standalone Windows app (requirements below) that has a base list of SRD spells that you can use, edit, or add to in order to create a spell list for your character. Right now it's pretty basic—it's a beta version.

Download v. 0.1.4293


Check out the current release notes for info on changes in the current release. Here's what I've got now:

  • Add and edit base SRD spells
  • Add custom spells
  • See a character's bonus spells and spell DCs
  • Print a character's list of spells with space to mark a spell as prepared


Updates & Help

This page right here will always have the latest download available.

Keep up with news and release details on my blog at or via RSS.

Run into any issues? Have any questions? Have a feature request? Feel free to hop over to github and ask, or email me.

Upcoming Features

I'm looking to add the following:

  • Hiding the "prep" column for spellbook casters
  • Letting users hide/show various spell columns.
  • Allowing the addition of multiple base spells at once
  • Auto-update functionality
  • Allowing the edit of all spell fields, including range, spell resistance info, etc.

Plus whatever comes to mind or that I get as requests!

System Requirements

  • Windows
  • .NET 4.0
  • The source books. Really.